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RoundKick Rumble 4 Man Muay Thai Classic!
"2006- Battle For The Belt"
Friday, May 12, & Saturday, May 13
7 Flags Event Center
Clive IA

Special Guest Appearance
Rich "Ace" Franklin
Current UFC World Middleweight Champ!


Please Note:  This was a new camera, so I apologize ahead of time for some of the fuzziness.

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Lake View IA
Bout Line up
Ladies Light Welterweight

Katie Vogel
Minnesota Martial Arts Academy
Minneapolis MN
Trainer: Greg Nelson

Ashly Altman
Cyberdine Systems Fight Team
Nashville TN
Trainer: Josh Schockman

"Bad Girl" Roo Sturm
Team RoundKick
Lake View/Carroll IA
Trainer: Pete Peterson

Adrienne Jenkins
Team Militech
Davenport IA
Trainer: Pat Miletich
Ladies Super Welterweight

Kat "T-X" Johnson
Cyberdine Systems Fight Team
Nashville TN
Trainer: Josh Schockman
Katlynn Young
Minnesota Martial Arts Academy
Minneapolis MN
Trainer: Greg Nelson

Charmaine "Not So Sweet"
Siam Muay Thai Academy
Craig Moser

Kara Potter
American Kickboxing Academy
San Jose CA
Trainer: Derek Yuen
Men's Super Welterweight

Dirk Anderson, Champion
Sullivan IL
Trainer: Jeremy Harminson

Jason "Pit Bull" Skow
Decatur IL
Trainer: Brad Bragg

Thuan Nguyen
Davenport IA
Trainer: Nick Tarpin

Ryan Beasley
Global Martial Arts
Virginia Beach VA
Men's Middleweight

John Kalenze
Minnesota Martial Arts Academy
Minneapolis MN
Trainer: Greg Nelson

Tim Gorham
Team Doyle
Omaha NE
Trainer: Mick Doyle

Cameron Crisp
Des Moines Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Des Moines IA
Trainer: Anthony Porcelli


Andy Uhlenkamp
Team RoundKick
Carroll IA
Trainer: Pete Peterson
Men's Cruiserweight


Marcellus Wilkes
Des Moines IA

P.J. Reilly
Grand Junction CO

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Fighters below were matched for single bouts and were not in the Classic

Cory "The Cobra" Schmidgall
Team RoundKick, Carroll  IA

Super Heavyweight
Muay Thai

Robert "The Wrecking Ball" Bruland
Team Doyle
Omaha NE
Trainer: Mick Doyle

Andrew Kappel
MN Kali Group
Minneapolis MN
due to no show by Brett Stevens

Brett Stevens
Ft Dodge IA

Josh Schwitters
Team RoundKick-DM
Des Moines IA
Trainer: Able Mahaffey
Courtney Berry
Farrells USMA
Des Moines IA
Trainer: Ryan Clark/John Higdon

Ben Hauger
MN Kali Group
Minneapolis MN
Trainer: Rick Faye/Diana Rathborne
Super Heavyweight
Muay Thai

Jason Haloubek
Team Doyle
Omaha NE
Trainer: Mick Doyle

Robert Clark
Team Lucky Strike-ZYKFA
(Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association)

Madison WI
Trainer: Tim Riordan

Ryan Murray
MN Mixed Martial Arts
Brooklyn MN
Trainer: Greg Nelson
Junior Exhibition
Tyler Wuebker vs Derek Webber

Friday                Saturday

FRIDAY May 12, 2006

The Des Moines, Iowa Seven Flags Event Center was the place to be Friday, May 12, 2006 for an incredible preliminary card for the Roundkick Rumble Muay Thai Classic Championships hosted by Pete and Pam Peterson. The fights were simply amazing and spectators left with a lot of anticipation for repeat performances for Saturday night’s finals.

BOUT 1 Women’s Welterweight
Marie “Roo” Sturm, Auburn, Iowa (3-1, 138.5, 5’3”, 23, 1-8-83, Pete Peterson) defeated Ashley Altman, Atlanta, Georgia (1-3, 138, 5’7” 21, 11-21-84, Manu Ntoh) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27. 

The first fight opened with Sturm initiating a clench in traditional Muay Thai form.  The action was immediate and fast moving.  Sturm worked her knees and leg kicks while Altman boxed.  Sturm fought going into, during and while separating from clenches.  There was constant action by both with Sturm focusing on attacking the head while Altman threw body shots.  Round 2 opened with both fighters using leg kicks.  Sturm quickly changed her strategy to head jabs while Altman worked the clench.   Sturm used her strength and Altman took advantage of her height.  The round ended with Sturm against the ropes, but swinging.  The final round was just as exciting as the first two.  Altman reached for her targets, while Sturm landed head and body shots using uppercuts and crosses.  Altman was able to time Sturm’s leg kicks and deliver left jabs to Sturm’s head as well as use her longer legs to keep Sturm away.  Sturm changed the tempo of the round by landing a spinning backfist to Altman’s head.  Judges Josh Carmean, Ron Gorman and Tony Storm all gave the fight to Sturm. 

BOUT 2 Women’s Light Heavyweight

Kara Potter, San Jose, California (2-0, 153.5, 5’8”, 22, 5-30-78, Derek Yuen) defeated Kaitlin Young, Circle Pines, Minnesota (1-1, 152, 5’9”, 20, 9-15-85, Greg Nelson) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.


This had to be the fight of the night.  These ladies came fast and hitting HARD! Both were able to work the clench as well as punch and kick.  At times it looked as if they were fighting a mirror image.  Potter threw front kicks and Young threw several round kicks to Potter’s abs.  Potter would land punches to the head and Young would answer with hard hooks.  In the second round, Young again used round kicks to Potter’s middle while Potter focused on the middle line.  Potter was able to grab and hold Young’s leg while delivering several punches to the body and head.  The final round began with an immediate clench and Young throwing knees.  The round was covered with leg kicks and flash knockdowns.  The nod was given to Potter, 29-28 on all three judges’ cards.


BOUT 3 Men’s Middleweight
Jason Skow, Decatur, Illinois (6-1, 152.5, 5’7”, 21, 9-5-84, Brad Bragg) defeated Thuan Nguyen, Davenport, Iowa (1-1, 158.5, 5’5”, 20, 1-6-86, Gary Schoeder) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

In another exciting match up, Jason Skow met Thuan Nguyen.  Thuan started with strong kick and punch combinations backing Skow to the ropes.  Skow, staying active, was able to get off the ropes and land a flurry of body shots.  Skow was able to kick Nguyen’s leg out for a flash knock-down.  Nguyen responded with hard hooks.  Both attacked the head throwing increasingly more powerful techniques.  Time was stopped at the beginning of round 2 due to the doctor needing to check a gash on Skow’s head.  The fight continued and it seemed as if Skow didn’t realize he was hurt.  Again Nguyen started with a strong kick, but Skow quickly responded with strong and frequent punches.  It was all Skow when Nguyen threw a hand combination just in time to prevent a standing 8 count for not responding.  Round 3 also opened with a stop time due to Skow’s cut.  Again the fight continued and again Nguyen started out strong and Skow is forced to respond.  A clench ensues with Skow taken over the direction of the fight.  The round ended with Nguyen holding onto Skow’s neck while Skow continues to deliver punch after punch.  Skow won with a unanimous decision. 


BOUT 4 Women’s Welterweight
Adrienna Jenkins, Bettendorf, Iowa (0-1, 146.5, 5’9”, 24, 7-22-81, Pat Militech) was defeated by Katie Vogel, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4-2, 139.5, 5’6”, 26, 11-3-79, Greg Nelson) by unanimous decision 28-29, 28-29, 27-30.

 The bell rang and the clenching began.  Round 1 found both ladies very active in clench after clench with knees flying.  At one point, however, Jenkins was able to back Vogel into the ropes outside of the clench.  Vogel stayed in the game with punches.  In round 2, Vogel worked her knees hard in the clench while Jenkins tried to prevent Vogel from standing completely upright and capitalizing on her positioning.  Jenkins then began to box more while Vogel focused on kicks.  Vogel was obviously more comfortable at the distance and able to land combinations to Jenkins’ head.  Round 3 found Jenkins trying to work straight line punches.  Vogel has to fight hard to gain an upper hand.  Jenkins tried to eliminate Vogel’s legs until Vogel became more mobile and avoided continual leg kicks.  In the end, Vogel’s ability to fight outside of the clench gave her the victory. 

 BOUT 5 Men’s Super Welterweight
Dirk Anderson
, Louisville, Illinois (4-1, 155.5, 5’9”, 22, 12-30-83, Jeremy Harminson) defeated Ryan Beasley, Virginia Beach, Virginia (-4, 159.5, 5’9”, 21, 9-13-84,) by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-26, 29-27.

Like the previous bout, this match up started with an early clench and Anderson using knees inside.  After a separation, Beasley threw a hard round kick and missed allowing Anderson to run in and force another clench where Anderson pulled hard and turned Beasley.  Anderson used knees and jumping knees to tired Beasley in the clench.  Beasley appeared to still be full of energy, but more cautious in his approach.  Beasley again threw another hard round kick, but this one was effectively blocked and Beasley ended up on the ground.  In round 2, Anderson opened with a right punch that stunned Beasley and cost Beasley an 8 count.  Anderson, wanting to finish the job, attacked again and again with knees and spinning backfists.  Beasley looked hurt but stayed in the game and fought back.  Anderson received an accidental low blow and time was stopped.  Beasley was given the time to recuperate and ended the round strong.  With 10 seconds left in the round, Beasley turned on the pressure and all Anderson could do was protect himself.  Round 3 found Beasley renewed as he used powerful punches and strong knees.  From the clench, Beasley was able to throw Anderson twice.  Half way through the round, however, Anderson was able to take over the round.  Beasley again became cautious as his corner yelled he didn’t have time.  The unanimous decision went to Anderson.

 BOUT 6 Women’s Light Heavyweight
Charmaine Tweet, Qu’Appelle, Saskatoon, Canada (2-1, 152.5, 6’0”, 29, 4-30-77, Craig Moser) was defeated by Kat Johnson, Atlanta, Georgia (3-2, 156.5, 5’10”, 23, 4-6-82, Manu Ntoh) by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 28-29.

 In this much anticipated fight, both fighters showed their ability to give and take a hit.  Johnson used repeat right punches to Tweet’s head and then switched to right/left combinations.  Tweet established clenches and forced exchanges of punches and knees.  In round 2, Tweet came out the aggressor, but it did not seem to impact Johnson as the two tried to intimidate the other.  The final round was faster paced. They fought both in the clench and apart throughout the round.  Tweet landed solid head shots and knees to the body.  Johnson responded but appeared to be getting tired.  Tweet threw more techniques, but Johnson threw harder ones.  Johnson won the bout by the only split decision of the evening.

 BOUT 7 Men’s Super Middleweight
Andy Uhlenkamp, Westside, Iowa (2-4, 162, 6’0”, 20, 5-9-86, Pete Peterson) was defeated by John Kalenze, Minneapolis, Minnesota (3-1, 166, 6’0”, 28, 8-27-77, Greg Nelson) by TKO at 1:14 in round 2.

 Kicks.  This bout was about kicks.  Both fighters could kick the other’s head or the body.  Kalenze was the first to break the cycle and force a clench grabbing Uhlenkamp’s neck and kneeing him across the ring.  Uhlenkamp could only defend.  Eventually, Uhlenkamp works himself out and exchanges techniques.  Toward the end of round 1, the fighters are in a clench and Kalenze overwhelms Uhlenkamp.  Just as referee Carl Duncan is about to begin an 8 count, Uhlenkamp’s shoulder \pops out.  Time is stopped.  The doctor attends to Uhlenkamp and time is started.  Uhlenkamp is given his 8 count and the round ends.  Uhlenkamp, with the warrior spirit he is known for, answers the bell for round 2.  Kalenze throws Uhlenkamp in the opening seconds.  Uhlenkamp still undeterred responds.  Kalenze tries to again knee Uhlenkamp.  Uhlenkamp grabs Kalenze and drops him.  Kalenze gets up and with a fierce attack goes all out with knees.  Uhlenkamp’s shoulder is obviously hurting and he can not respond.  The referee stopped the contest at 1:14 of round two.

 BOUT 8 Men’s Cruiserweight Title
W. Marcellus Wilks, Des Moines, Iowa (0-1, 185.5, 5’11”, 36, 11-21-69, Sifu Anthony Bates) was defeated by P.J. Reilly, Grand Junction, Colorado (10-6, 189, 5’11:, 28, 12-26-77, Tom Bolger) by unanimous decision 27-28, 27-28, 27-28. 

The only title match of the night was for the Roundkick Rumble Men’s Cruiserweight division.  Reilly opened the fight with leg kicks.  Wilks answers and gets in close with hooks to the body.  Reilly began a quick flurry of punches.  Hard hits by both followed with knees by Wilks dropping Reilly.  Reilly receives and 8 count.  Reilly quickly recovers and lands a strong leg kick terminating Wilks’ advance.  Reilly then lands a hard punch to Wilks’ head and Wilks looks as if he might go down, but the ropes catch him as the bell rings.  In round 2, both fighters are still in it to win it, but are more conservative with the clenches.  Using their long legs, they stay at a distance.  With 10 seconds left in round 2 they get into a clench and knees fly.  Round 3 started slow but quickly heated up.  Reilly was able to connect to Wilks’ head and shake him up a little.  Wilks gets an 8 count.  There is little action in the clenches so the fighters demonstrated their boxing skills.  Reilly is able to land several more hits to Wilks’ head and Wilks is unable to effectively stop Reilly.  In a unanimous decision, Reilly becomes the champ.

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SATURDAY May 13, 2006-

To understand the night, you need to understand the atmosphere.  Pete and Pam Peterson built a tournament not only to please the fighters, but to also please the fight fans.   Four lucky fans were able to watch the fights from a stage sitting in recliners.  There were plenty of round ring side tables so everyone could have a great view and the venue was fabulous.  All of this just added to the excitement of the fantastic fights.  For those fortunate enough to be subscribers of Mediacom Cable, the fights will be rebroadcast on Wednesday and Friday evening at 9:00pm on the local Mediacom Connections channel.  In the Carroll and Des Moines areas, this is Channel 22.  ALL Mediacom subscribers, across Iowa and parts of Minnesota, will be able to view these awesome fights.  The first bout was International Rules, all others were Muay Thai. 

BOUT 1 Men’s Super Middleweight, International Rules
Josh Schwitters, Altoona, Iowa (2-1, 169.5, 5’10”, 22, 11-6-83, Able Mahaffey) Light Heavyweight vs. Courtney Berry, West Des Moines, Iowa (0-1, 170, 6’0”, 24, 7-11-81, Ryan Clark)  

The opening bell started the action as Scwitters and Berry were both quick to punch and kick.  Berry used his strength to back up Schwitters while Schwitters used leg kicks to stop the advances.  Berry was able to repeat left jab/right cross combinations, but Schwitters responded with left jabs that eventually bloody Berry’s nose.  Schwitters delivered a right hook that knocked Berry down and Berry received an 8 count.  In round two, Berry tried to get back into the game with a round kick, but Schwitters was able to dominate and back Berry across the ring.  Berry, still fighting with everything he had, tried to hit Schwitters hard to earn back his lost points from round 1, but continually over-swung.  Schwitters timed the over-swing and hit Berry in the head several times.  Berry was knocked down and received another 8 count.  Schwitters again punched and Berry went down again.  The fight was stopped at 1:11 in the 2nd round and Schwitters’ hand was raised. 

BOUT 2 Men’s Super Heavyweight
Cory Schmidgall, Carroll, Iowa (1-0, 218.5, 6’3”, 28, 8-29-77, Pete Peterson) vs. Robert Bruland, Omaha, Nebraska (5-3-1, 250, 5’10”, 29, 6-22-76, Mick Doyle)  

Schmidgall began the bout by using a push kick several times to back up Bruland.  Soon after, Schmidgall was able to kick Bruland down and Bruland received his first 8 count.  Bruland continued to fight and try to land something solid on Schmidgall, but before he could accomplish anything, Schmidgall landed a left hook and Bruland again went down and heard another 8 count.  In the second round, Bruland is able to evade Schmidgall’s advances better changing the tone of the fight.  In the first clench both fighters attempted a few knees, but nothing that did any damage.  Schmidgall then began attacking Bruland’s legs and was able to kick his legs out from under him.  When the fighting ensued, Schmidgall landed a right hook followed by a left uppercut and stunned Bruland.  Seeing the impact, Schmidgall landed a few more combinations followed by a right front kick to Bruland’s face.  Bruland began bleeding profusely from the nose and mouth, but with great heart, he began swinging harder.  Schmidgall threw a knee to Bruland’s abs to stop the attack.  Both fighters exchanged intermittent shots around the ring until the bell.  The final round looked like a different fight.  Bruland had obviously learned from his first two rounds how to more effectively attack and evade Schmidgall.  It appeared to initially surprise Schmidgall.  Bruland was able to force more clenches, and at one point delivered an unintentional, but hard knee to the groin, which left Schmidgall on the canvas struggling for recovery for several minutes.  As the action began again, it was obvious Schmidgall hadn’t fully recovered and Bruland was able to land more techniques when on the inside even doubling Schmidgall over in his final onslaught with a punch to the abs.  Schmidgall got his only 8 count of the evening.  All three judges scored the bout 28-26 in favor of Schmidgall. 

BOUT 3 Men’s Super Welterweight Title
Jason Skow, Decatur, Illinois (6-2, 152.5, 5’7”, 21, 9-5-84, Brad Bragg) vs. Dirk Anderson, Louisville, Illinois (5-1, 155.5, 5’9”, 22, 12-30-83, Jeremy Harminson) 

The crowd was anxious to see what would happen in this bout in light of the impressive performance by both fighters the night before.  No one was disappointed as immediate fast action lead to a clench and a throw.  When the fighters got up it was back to a clench and they turned each other around the ring in traditional Muay Thai style.  Skow, trying to change the pace, threw a round kick and missed.  Anderson stepped in and forced a clench.  This was a great matchup and the round was fairly even.  In round 2, Skow kicked and Anderson grabbed.  Anderson landed a right round kick to Skow’s head.  Skow retaliated with a knee to the body, but it didn’t slow down Anderson.  Anderson backed up Skow with several left jabs and right overhand punches.  Time is stopped when injuries from both need to be checked (Skow had a cut over his eye and Anderson was hit low).  When both were ready to fight Skow again hit Anderson low.  One point was deducted from Skow for the foul.  Fighting again resumed and was intense.  Both fighters tried to fight their fight, some landed, some missed.  Both were ready to take advantage of any error.  In the final round it was evident that Skow and Anderson both wanted the title.  Anderson started out fiercer, but Skow was able to recover and offer a flurry of punches that we repeatedly saw the previous night.  Anderson was successful at evading, striking and evading again.  Skow had to chase him around the ring until Skow could get him in a clench.  In the end, the majority decision gave the Super Welterweight title to Anderson.

 BOUT 4 Boy’s Exhibition
Tyler Wuebker vs. Derek Webber  

Wow.  There was a size difference, but no difference in the size of the hearts of these to fighters.  In the first round, Wuebker was effective was front kicks while Webber found confidence in overhand punches.  Webber missed a spinning backfist which was followed by a successful attempt from Wuebker.  The round ended with both fighters swinging.  In round 2, Wuebker backed Webber across the ring.  In an evasive spin, Webber turned the tide and came out punching backing Wuebker across the ring.  Wuebker kept marching forward as Webber stepped to the side and evaded or kicked.  Webber landed a jump spinning backfist.  The round ended with Wuebker attempting a jump spin kick.  The final round started with both fighters a little more cautious of the other.  Wuebker got things moving by landing a punching combination to Webber’s head.  Wuebker then missed with a tornado kick, but followed up with a successful punch to Webber.  Webber again began to effectively evade and able to counter with knees and round kicks.  The last 10 seconds was non-stop punching from both of the fighters.  Awesome!  The match was a draw.

 BOUT 5 Men’s Super Heavyweight
Jason Holoubek, Omaha, Nebraska (0-1, 308, 5’10”, 30, 9-13-75, Mick Doyle) vs. Ben Hauger, Shakopee, Minnesota (1-1, 252, 6’0”, 24, 8-29-81, Diana Rathborne) 

Holoubek was first out of the corner advancing on Hauger.  Hauger was able to counter with punches and forcing a clench, added knees.  Holoubek stopped the knee attack with strong hooks to the head.  The fighters ended up exchanging straight punches and both received bloody noses.  Both were swinging for a knockout.  In round 2, Hauger maintained his focus on Holoubek’s middleline, while Holoubek kept working powerful hooks.  Hauger then added leg kicks into his strategy.  In the clench, the fighters maintained a long-arm stance, but only a few knees where thrown.  Blood again began flying, but no one cared, the battle continued.  In round 3 Hauger landed a solid jab-jab-cross combination.  Holoubek threw jabs, hooks and knees.  Hauger threw a round kick to Holoubek’s head which got held up on Holoubek’s shoulder.  Holoubek advanced with punches throwing Hauger off balance.  The fighters finished with nothing left in the tank.  All three judges awarded the win to Hauger 27-30. 

BOUT 6 Women’s Light Welterweight Title
Marie “Roo” Sturm, Auburn, Iowa (3-2, 138.5, 5’3”, 23, 1-8-83, Pete Peterson) vs. Katie Vogel, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4-2, 139.5, 5’6”, 26, 11-3-79, Greg Nelson) 

Sturm round kicked, Vogel punched, Sturm front kicked, Vogel punched again.  This was the way of the fight.  The pressure was always on and no one took a breather.  Even in the clench, both were very active.  In round 1 Sturm worked the legs and Vogel used her reach advantage to punch.  Sturm tried to grab Vogel’s leg and punch while plowing, but Vogel would not let Sturm get her off-balance.  In round 2, Sturm continued to hammer Vogel’s legs and Vogel kept the pressure on with punches.  When Vogel began incorporating leg kicks, Sturm took advantage of the room and worked her way inside and focused on the body.  To keep her in check, Vogel began round kicking to the body and added more pressure with punches to the head.  In the final round, Sturm kicked-punched-punched while Vogel did the opposite.  In the clenches, Sturm could only knee to the legs because of Vogel’s effective body positioning.  Vogel also took advantage of Sturm’s open mid-section and continued to round kick her abs.  The final split decision and the belt went to Vogel. 

BOUT 7 Men’s Heavyweight
Robert Clark, Madison, Wisconsin (9-3, 202.5, 6’3”, 25, 5-21-80, Nelson Ferreira) Heavyweight vs. Ryan Murray, Plymouth, Minnesota (10-2, 210, 6’0”, 25, 6-19-80, Greg Nelson)  

The match started with gentle exchanges until Clark landed a solid inside leg kick.  Murray responded with harder and harder hits.  Murray attacked Clark with punches and finished with a clean knee to the abs which resulted in a flash knockdown.  Clark front kicked Murray causing Murray to lose balance and another flash knockdown.  Murray responded with a hook to Clark’s head and round 1 ended with both fighters kicking.  Round 2 started with Clark swinging wide for a knockout.  Murray stayed with his game plan and worked the center of Clark’s body.  Clark looked like he might be getting tired.  He found enough strength to continue to strike but was not as effective with his blocking.  Clark landed a solid knee to Murray’s abs, but Murray was able to come back and back Clark into the corner.  Round 3 started the same as round 2 with Clark swinging wide.  He was able to bring it in and connect a left uppercut on Murray’s chin.  Murray stuck with left jabs and round kicks landing one on Clark’s head.  The final score by all three judges as 26-30 for Murray. 

BOUT 8 Women’s Super Welterweight Title
Kara Potter, San Jose, California (2-1, 153.5, 5’8”, 22, 5-30-78, Derek Yuen) vs. Kat Johnson, Atlanta, Georgia (4-2, 156.5, 5’10”, 23, 4-6-82, Manu Ntoh) 

Winners of two of the most exciting fights from the night before, Potter and Johnson did not let the crowd down.  Potter come in kicking and Johnson was boxing landing two right hooks to Potter’s head.  There was minimal action in the clench and fighting at a distance was more effective for both.  Potter fell in a flash knockdown and stood back up to deliver a cross punch squarely on Johnson.  In round 2, Johnson was full of energy delivering wide hooks to Potter.  Potter was able to jam Johnson and land body punches while Johnson kicked.  Potter was able to stop Johnson’s advances with a front kick to the body.  The final round was more of the same although Johnson tried to vary the action by throwing more knees.  The third round became slower as the two warriors tired.  It was a great fight, but in the end Johnson won the title. 

BOUT 9 Men’s Super Middleweight Title
John Kalenze, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4-1, 166, 6’0”, 28, 8-27-77, Greg Nelson) vs. Tim Gorham, Omaha, Nebraska (6-4, 166, 6’1”, 24, 10-19-81, Mick Doyle)

 Two very experienced fighters met for the finale of the night.  From the get-go it was obvious Gorham knew how to use leg kicks and quickly tried to take charge of the fight.  Kalenze, using much of his recently gained experience, began boxing at full speed.  Kalenze then initiated the clenches and used knees to the body to surprise Gorham.  Gorham was able to kick out Kalenze’s legs for a temporary break as Kalenze quickly jumped back up and continued the attack.  In round 2, Kalenze backed Gorham to the ropes, but Gorham was able to defend himself.  Both continued leg kicking.  Kalenze again got Gorham against the ropes to execute a series of knee strikes.  Gorham countered with a strong hook.  In the final round, Kalenze grabbed hold of Gorham and again kneed in the clench.  Gorham was able to respond and deliver knees of his own.  Gorham landed a straight left jab to Kalenze’s face, Kalenze quickly shook it off and responded.  As the fighters tired, it became a battle of leg kicks.  The match ended with Gorham punching and Kalenze throwing knees.  The judges decision for the title of 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 went in favor of Kalenze.

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