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RoundKick Rumble III
"They Python Returns"
Saturday, November 5, 2005
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Click here to Read the results of The RoundKick Rumble III, as posted by IKF rep, Terri Storm.

Some of the following photos were clipped from our event video. 
I apologize if some of the photos are not as clear.  We're still working on getting the best quality shots.

Jason Skow attempts a roundkick but Paul Bird effectively blocks it.

Bryan Kovar delivers a Knock Out kick to Brian Green's head.

Naomi "Angel" Ferguson covers a shot from Lake View Bad Girl, "Roo" Sturm

Chris Cichon and Jared Warren exchange punches.

Ben Yelle covering a round kick delivered by Marshall Blevins (Co-Main Event)

The Python connects a high round kick to Mickle's head.

Pete's jabs were finding their target the entire bout 

Chris took this cross right across the jaw!


RoundKick Rumble III
The Python Returns!
Saturday, November 5, 2005, Lake View, Iowa

By IKF Representatives Mike & Terri Storm: Saturday, November 5th was the night Pete "The Python" Peterson from Team RoundKick in Carroll, Iowa chose to come out of retirement with a 5-round Professional K-1 rules victory over MMA fighter Chris Mickle from Des Moines Extreme Fighting in Des Moines, Iowa. The main event topped off a great card consisting of Muay Thai, Full Contact and International Rules matches.

1. Men's Amateur MTR Junior Bantamweight
Anthony Fearn, Joliet, IL, USA (1-3, 126, 12, 12-29-92, Ron Hill, 815-557-8155) defeated Miguel Cruz, Bolingbrook, IL, USA (2-1, 121.5, 5'5", 13, 08-24-92, Ricardo Perez 830-640-2886) by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28
Cruz started the fight with a well-placed front kick to Fearn's mid-section. Fearn answered with a barrage of punches backing Cruz off. When in the clinch, they both shared knees to the body in good Muay Thai fashion. Throughout the fight, every time Cruz would kick, Fearn would answer with more punches. It went that way for three rounds ending in a close decision for Fearn with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28.

2. Men's Amateur IR Light Middleweight
Jason Skow, Decatur, IL, USA (1-2, 153, 21, 09-05-84, Bradd Bragg, 217-429-5508) defeated Paul Bird, Des Moines, IA, USA (1-0, 154, 5'9", 22, 09-11-83) by unanimous decision 30-25, 30-25, 30-25.
From the opening bell, Skow was the aggressor with punches and kicks to Bird's head and body, never letting up and never backing up. Bird was able to get a few strikes in but was unable to slow Skow down. Tonight Skow proved to be too strong and too aggressive with Referee Carlton Duncan issuing standing 8-counts to Bird in both the second and third rounds. Jason Skow won a unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 30-25.

3. Men's Amateur FCR Light Middleweight
Chris Chicon, Minneapolis, MN, (5-3, 158, 6'0", 23, 10-22-82, Justin Whiley, 612-220-5026) defeated Jarred Warren, Bradenton, FL, USA (6-2, 158, 6'1", 21, 11-20-83, Jim Tisdale) by split decision, 30-27, 27-30, 28-29
In what was the closest war of the night, both Warren and Chicon started strong with both fighters refusing to give any ground. Chicon began with a series of sidekicks to the body and Warren answered with round kicks to the head. Both fighters made their required 6 kicks minimum per round and then some in the opening seconds of the first round. From that point on it was feet and fists for the rest of the fight. The second and third rounds were much like the first where the fighters exchanged a series of right hands to the head and body with neither fighter backing up. The fight ended up in a split decision with Chris Chicon announced the winner. The judges scored the fight 30-27, 27-30 and 28-29.

4. Men's Amateur IR Heavyweight
Ben Hughes, Omaha, NE, USA (1-0, 212, 24, 07-20-81, Mick Doyle, 402-498-9592) defeated Brad Bragg, Decatur, IL, USA(1-4, 213, 6'3", 36, 10-15-69, 217-429-5508) by TKO at 1:13 in round 1.
Newcomer Ben Hughes was too powerful for Brad Bragg. Hughes pummeled Bragg from the opening bell and never let up. After two standing 8-counts, Referee Carlton Duncan stopped the fight at 1:13 in Round 1 and a win for Ben Hughes by TKO.

5. Men's Amateur MTR Cruiserweight
Bryan Kovar, Hinsdale, IL, USA (4-1, 187, 6'0", 23, 01-11-82, Ricardo Perez, 630-640-2686) defeated Brian Green, Des Moines, IA, USA (0-1, 192, 5'11", 20, 09-05-85) by TKO at :42 of round 1.
Kovar came across the ring at the opening bell and started on Green with leg kicks working his way up to the body with a series of kicks and punches. A well placed kick to the body doubled Green over, followed immediately by a kick to the head causing Referee Carlton Duncan to declare a victory to Bryan Kovar by KO at :42 seconds of Round 1.

6. Feature Fight
Men's Amateur MTR Light Middleweight

Marshall Blevins, Davenport, IA, USA (11-4, 156, 5'10", 28, 07-31-77, Pat Miletich, 712-355-3360) defeated Ben Yelle, Marquette, MI, USA (12-4, 156, 5'6.5", 22, 11-11-82, Kirk Koonnalla, 906-361-6482) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.
Two experienced and evenly matched fighters put on a Muay Thai clinic with leg kicks, punches, knees to the body and throws in the feature fight of the night. Both fighters exchanged every legal technique possible throughout the course of the fight. Yelle's main weapon was a round kick to Blevins' head and upper body but it didn't take long for Blevins to time the round kicks, block them and deliver perfectly timed and well placed counter punches to Yelle's body. Marshal Blevins won a close but unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28.

7. Main Event
Men's Professional K-1 Light Middleweight

Pete Peterson, Carroll, IA, USA (6-2, 155, 5'9", 38, 05-05-67, 712-792-8178) defeated Chris Mickle, Des Moines, IA, USA (MMA: 12-4-2, KB: 0-1, 158, 5'9", 22, 10-07-83, DMEF, 515-313-8313) by unanimous decision 48-47, 50-45, 49-46
Pete Peterson's return from retirement started out tentatively as Mickle began the fight by trying to end it early with a vicious attack to the head and body that appeared to concern Peterson although he weathered the round. Between the rounds Peterson was able to settle down and figure out how to avoid Mickle's onslaught. As the fight progressed during the next four rounds, Peterson got stronger using superior footwork, leg kicks and strong jabs and punches to Mickle's head to keep Mickle off and gradually wear Mickle down. Peterson won the last 4 rounds on 2 judge's cards and 3 of the last four rounds from the third judge. The judges scored the 5 round professional fight 48-47, 50-45 and 49-46.

Also involved in exhibition fights on the event were:
Naomi Ferguson, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA
Marie Sturm, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA
Ryan Clark, Farrell's USMA, Des Moines, IA
Tim Gorham, Team Doyle, Omaha, NE
Cory Schmidgall, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA
Jared Hansen, Team RoundKick, Carroll, IA

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