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Round Kick Rumble II
In Lake View, Iowa, USA

Terri Storm, IKF Representative: Friday, August 5, 2005 was the date for Roundkick Rumble II in Lake View, Iowa promoted by Pete and Pam Peterson. What an outstanding event! The Petersons pulled out all the stops.

IKF Pro Full Contact Rules United States Super Middleweight Champion Randy Pogue was on hand to sign autographs during the fights and present a Kickboxing seminar on Saturday morning. Fighters from several states came to battle in front of old and new fans from a variety of Midwest communities. Rookie fighters as well as veterans showed that quality training and a lot of heart can make anyone a winner. Here are the nights results.

1. Daniel Reum (0-0-0) Manteno, IL vs. Eddie Cox (0-1-0) Joliet, IL: Super Welterweight MTR
* The opening bout set the high energy pace for the evening. Cox used strong leg kicks and wide hook punches while Reum punched straight down the center. Cox effectively used knees inside the clench and Reum broke the clenches by throwing Cox.
* The second round began the same way as the first round ended…clenches and throws. The excitement of the round came toward the end when Cox began pummeling Reum with punches and Reum didn't respond. Referee, Carl Duncan, gave Reum a standing eight count.
* The final round began with Cox taking advantage of Reum dipping his head and opening himself up for knees to the body. With 30 seconds left in the final round, Reum found a spark of energy and tried to steal the round by landing a couple of clean head shots on Cox. It turned out too little, too late.
In the end, Cox won a unanimous decision.

2. Joe Powers (0-0-0) Peoria, IL vs Ryan Clark (1-0-0) Des Moines, IA: Middleweight MTR
* One of the favorite match-ups of the night, Joe Powers and Ryan Clark gave a seminar in ring generalship as each threw and endured strong hits throughout the fight seemingly unaffected. Clark was able to land round kicks both to Powers' head and legs, but Powers landed solid punches to Clark's head at the same time. This quick pace was kept up for most of the first round.
* The second round began with Powers as the aggressor backing Clark to the corner twice, but Clark was able to respond. Powers utilized knees to the body with one knee accidentally ending up as a low blow. After a short break, Clark started back with the powerful exchanges defining the entire match. Powers' strategy was to focus on center line attacks while Clark tried a variety of attacks and angles. Powers appeared stronger until a series of wide hooks landing solidly on his head, obviously making an impression.
* The final round began with Powers' again relying on knees, but Clark was ready to block. As both fighters began to tire, they dug deep and found the heart to fight strong until the end.
Clark was awarded the unanimous decision.

3. Randy Bartels (0-0-0) Carroll, IL vs Chris Garrity (0-0-0) Omaha, NE: Heavyweight IR
* This bout began with paced exchanges with both fighters showing caution. Garrity accidentally round kicked Bartels in the groin followed by a slap kick to the head. Both fighters came back after the time out throwing caution out the door and slugged out the first round.
* Round two started by Bartels keeping Garrity away with kicks to the abs. Garrity was able to figure out how to by-pass the leg kicks and landed both punches and kicks. Bartels continued to rely on kicks to try and keep Garrity at bay, possibly affecting Garrity slightly. With 30 seconds left in the round, Bartels appeared to get tired, but still threw techniques marching straight up and down Garrity's torso and head.
* The final round began with Garrity immediately bridging the distance well covered up as Bartels again tried to keep him off with body kicks. Garrity used leg kicks and body shots to keep Bartels from gaining any ground.
The nod was given to Garrity by unanimous decision.

4. James Lyons (3-0-0) Washington, IL vs Frank Young (7-2-0) Davenport, IA: Lightweight MTR
* This fast action bout was exciting to watch. At first it appeared that Lyons might be burning himself out while Young was busy keeping himself out of tough situations being 4 inches shorter than his opponent. Great conditioning proved to help Lyons keep up the power and speed as he knocked Young to the mat with a knee. At the end of the round, Lyons again knocked Young to the ground, this time with a right hook to the head. This resulted in the only knock out of the night when Young was unable to answer a 10-count from referee Carl Duncan.
James Lyons earned his 4th victory by KO.

5. Kyle Stevens (0-0-0) Carroll, IA vs Brad Bragg (0-3-0) Decatur, IL: Super Heavyweight MTR.
* Stevens took the first attack, but Bragg quickly turned this into his fight by forcing the clinch and using knees. Stevens was able to land a solid hook to Bragg's head while against the ropes which shook up Bragg. Bragg regained his composure and again forced the clinch where he gained the advantage despite the 25 pound weight difference.
* In round two, Stevens was able to throw Bragg out of the clinches and landing on Bragg after one such throw. Bragg quickly got back into the fight and evaded Stevens wide hooks and using knees in the clinch. Stevens was able to get three clean right hooks to Bragg's head before Bragg could stop him. Bragg ended the round with straight punches to Stevens head and face.
* Bragg began round three with a renewed sense of confidence and again evaded Stevens' wide punches. Stevens did throw from the clench, but Bragg was able to get in a series of punches on Stevens to which Stevens turned his body. Bragg repeated the flurry until Stevens couldn't respond. Referee Mike Storm began giving Stevens a standing 8 count when the final bell rung.
The unanimous decision was given to Bragg.

6. Jason Skowl (0-1-0) Decatur, IL vs Maksim Shcherbiy (2-0-0) Omaha, NE: Middleweight MTR.
* Another fast action bout began with the fighters getting into a quick clinch with Shcherbiy using knees and Skowl using punches. Skowl landed a right upper-cut to Shcherbiy's chin putting Shcherbiy down and earning an 8-count from referee Mike Storm in Round 1. Shcherbiy recovered quickly and started coming back with effective knees to Skowl's body. A terrific exchange of punches toward the end of the round resulted in Skowl knocking off Shcherbiy's headgear.
* Round two opened with Skowl coming across the ring looking for a quick knockout with continuous punches. Shcherbiy was able to stop the barrage with more knees to the Skowl's body.
* Round 3 offered more of the same. Shcherbiy fought hard to take control of the fight, but in the end, Skowl was able to land too many punches to Shcherbiy's head.
Skowl won the majority decision.

7. Chase Green (8-1-0) Rockford, IL vs Tim Gorham (5-3-0) Omaha, NE: Super Middleweight MTR.
* This was a much anticipated main event. Immediately, Green began throwing several strong round kicks towards Gorham's leg and head, but Gorham was able to block most of the blows. Gorham landed a few round kicks to Green's body. While Green began as the aggressor, the aggressiveness evened out by the end of the first round.
* During the 2nd round, the fighters were all over the ring with short exchanges. Either one could have knocked the other one out with their power.
* The final round got going with Gorham catching Green's leg and then kicking out the other leg. Green landed a strong knee in an attempt to start a clinch, but Gorham stopped it with a throw.
In the end, Gorham received the unanimous decision.

* Two exhibition bouts showcased veteran women in one and up and comers in the second.
o In the first bout, Naomi Ferguson and Ann Graff, both members of Team Roundkick moved around the ring in 3 one-minute rounds to knock-off more ring rust than to knock each other around. Both ladies are headed to Orlando in two weeks for the NAC Championships and were very careful to avoid injury to themselves and each other.
o In the second exhibition match, Marie "Roo" Sturm from Carroll, IA got in the ring with Emily Anderson from Omaha, NE. Although an exhibition, both ladies wanted to make a good showing. After an outstanding display by each of them during three 2 minute rounds, these ladies gave notice that they were ready to step up and take a spot in the ranks of the IKF women's divisions.

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