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RoundKick Rumble XV
"Bring the Heat!"
Saturday, March 20, 2010
Ramada Tropics Resort
Urbandale IA
Doors open at 6:00, Fights start at 7:30

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General Admission: $20

Ringside Seat: -- SOLD OUT!

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Venue Directions


Ramada Tropics Resort & Conference Center
5000 Merle Hay Road
Exit 131 on I-80 (Merle Hay Road Exit)
Urbandale IA 50322

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Fight Line up
This is NOT the order of the bouts and are subject to change.
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2007, 2008, and 2009 TBA-SA
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Michael Reid
Olympic Arena Martial Arts
Manteno IL

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Event Results

RoundKick Rumble XV
“bring the heat”

 After a long Winter of record snowfalls and brutally cold temperatures, March 20, 2010, the first day of Spring, was the perfect time for Pam and Pete Peterson, the RoundKick Gym and the Thai Boxing Association- Sanctioning Authority to “bring the heat” with Amateur Muay Thai action when fighters from Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota and Kansas met to excite the fans at the Ramada Inn Tropics Resort and Conference Center in Urbandale, Iowa.

There was every intention of putting 14 fights together that night but by the time the afternoon weigh-ins and rules meeting rolled around, several fighters backed out of the event for a variety of reasons (injuries, cold feet, etc...). 

It turned out to be a huge loss for the “no shows” but a tremendous victory for the fans who were there to witness and the fighters who were there to participate in one of the most powerful and exciting RoundKick Rumble events in years.  Nearly every fight could have been a “MAIN EVENT” on some other card and may turn out to be in the future.

Iowa fighter Jake McDonald’s opponent was a “no show” so Minnesota Trainer John Arends came along with an hour notice to step in the ring with Jake to put on a fine exhibition of Muay Thai Kickboxing for the fans.  Likewise, Iowa fighter Cassandra Rodish and Minnesota fighter Sarah Salzgeber each had their opponent back out so they decided to present the fans with a terrific women’s exhibition.  Congratulations to those four individuals for upholding the “Spirit of Muay Thai”.

The results of the night…


Bout# 1    Men’s Super Middleweight 

Mike Snowden, 2-2-0, 23, 5’11”, 173 lbs., Mitchellville, IA,  RoundKick Gym-Pleasant Hill, Able Mahaffey/Adam Brown,
Elijah Thibodeaux, 3-0-0, 22, 6’2”, 169 lbs., Minneapolis, MN, Cellar Kickboxing, Justin Wailey 

Round 1            Snowden appeared determined to be the aggressor and dictate the pace of the fight by attacking Thibodeaux with flurries of left/right combinations to the head of Thibodeaux.  Thibodeaux responded with several teeps (front kicks) to the body of Snowden to keep him at a workable distance.  As the round progressed, both fighters settled down and it became a more strategic fight where both fighters chose there targets more carefully.  Snowden threw kicks to the head and body along with his punches while Thibodeaux had continued success with his teeps which was probably what earned him the edge in a close round on the judge’s cards.

Round 2            Thibodeaux began the round with a teep followed by a right/left combination.  Snowden answered with a flurry of punches that backed Thibodeaux to the ropes.  As the round progressed, Thibodeax appeared to settle down first by picking his shots as Snowden still fought wildly.  Thibodeaux was able to land the more effective blows.  He kicked Snowden in the head with a right leg round kick followed by a left hook to the chin which put Snowden down and forced Referee Terri Storm to step in and issue an 8-count.  Thibodeaux continued to pick his shots and was able to land another kick and punch to the head of Snowden.  Snowden, looking very tired, survived the round and went back to his corner with a badly bloodied nose.

Round 3            Snowden’s corner was unable to stop the nosebleed between the rounds causing him to start the last round with blood running into his mouth.  Thibodeaux quickly moved in and threw a right leg round kick to Snowden’s head which put him down for an 8-count early in the round.  As the fight continued, Thibodeaux threw a right leg round kick and a left leg round kick to the head of Snowden, both of which were blocked.  Thibodeaux then proceeded to throw a flurry of punches to Snowden’s head which backed him to the ropes and forced Referee Terri Storm to step in for a second 8-count in the round when Snowden was not able to intelligently defend himself.  Snowden tried to attack Thibodeaux with a series of punches to the head of Thibodeaux but Thibodeaux responded with a right/left combination to the head of Snowden that put him down for a third time in the round forcing the referee to stop the fight at 1:26 of the round due to the 3 Knockdown Rule. 

Winner by TKO—Elijah Thibodeaux



Bout# 2   Men’s Heavyweight

 John Taylor, 0-1-0, 44, 5’8”, 217 lbs., Lake City, IA,  RoundKick Gym-Carroll, Pete Peterson
Chengnu Lee, 1-1-0, 26, 5’11”, 211 lbs., Des Moines, IA, Des Moines Jiu Jitsu Academy, Brandon Anderson

 Round 1            Early in the round, Taylor moved toward Lee and backed him into the corner where he was able to land hooks and upper cuts to Lee’s body.  Lee tied Taylor up to stall the attack.  Taylor pushed Lee off and the fight continued in the center of the ring.  As the round progressed, Lee was able to move around the ring and initiate most of the attacks forcing Taylor to respond after the fact.  Many of Taylor’s counter attacks became ineffective toward the end of the round which is probably what earned Lee the edge in the round on all cards.

Round 2            Taylor began the round by throwing jabs at the head of Lee and backing Lee toward the ropes.  Lee stopped just short of the ropes and began to attack Taylor which then caused Taylor to retreat to the middle of the ring.  Lee threw a kick to Taylor’s body.  Taylor caught the leg, backed Lee to the ropes and let the leg go as he retreated to the middle of the ring.  Taylor appeared to be very tired as Lee threw a round kick to his head.  Taylor backed into his corner very exhausted, he took a knee which forced Referee Terri Storm to step in and issue an 8-count.  During the count, Taylor said he was unable to continue so the referee stopped the fight at 1:18 of the round.          

Winner by TKO—Chengnu Lee



Bout# 3   Men’s Super Middleweight

 Joseph Harless, 1-1-0, 33, 5’10”, 171 lbs., Des Moines, IA, Des Moines Jiu Jitsu Academy, Brandon Anderson
Paul Vo, 1-1-0, 26, 5’11”, 170 lbs., Wichita, KS, Team BTFU, Ron Griffey/Jake Kenny

 Round 1            The fighters came at each other to start the round and tried to gain an aggressive edge over the other.  Vo managed to land a series of blows to the head and body of Harless that backed him into the corner.  Vo then landed a strong knee to Harless’ body which bent him over and exposed his head to another series of power punches which had Harless staggering in the corner forcing Referee Mike Storm to step in and issue an 8-count.  As the fight continued, Vo threw several more knees to Harless’ body.  Harless was able to catch and/or block the knees in an effort to steady his breathing, clear his head and survive the round.  The round went to Vo on all cards.

Round 2            Harless began the round more carefully than he did the first.  Vo tried to continue as he did in round one.  He attacked Harless but Harless was able to clinch with Vo and land knees to Vo’s legs.  When separated, Harless was able to land several punches to every punch that Vo threw.  Vo began to tire.  Harless spun Vo in a clinch and threw Vo to the ground.  Vo was slow getting up and nearly earned an 8-count from the referee.  As the fight continued, Harless again caught Vo in a clinch and threw several strong knees to Vo’s body which put him down.  This time, Vo was too slow getting up and received an 8-count.  Harless took the round on all cards.

Round 3            In an even fight starting the last round, Harless looked fresh and rejuvenated while Vo looked tired.  Harless came across the ring and landed a series of left/right combinations followed by knees to the body of Vo.  Vo tried to spin Harless around but took another knee to the body and went down for another 8-count.  Harless’ attack was relentless as he continued the punching combinations followed by the knees.  Vo clinched with Harless and tried to spin him around but slipped in the process and went down earning another 8-count when he was slow to get up.  The fight ended with all judges scoring the fight 28-25.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Joe Harless



Bout# 4   Men’s Super Middleweight 

Michael Reid, 29-4-0, 16, 5’9”, 173 lbs. Minooka, IL, Olympic Arena Martial Arts, David Reid
Kuchlong Kuchlong, 4-2-0, 23, 5’10”, 165 lbs., Sioux Falls, SD, Next Edge Academy, John Arends

 Round 1            Each fighter began the fight with what appeared like similar weapons, punches to the head and body along with several kicking combinations.  As the round progressed Kuchlong appeared to be the aggressor however, Reid’s experience became evident.  He showed confidence as he stood up to the attacks that Kuchlong threw.  With every blow that Kuchlong landed, Reid answered back with 4 or 5 of his own including an occasional spinning backfist earning him the edge in the round on all cards.

Round 2            The second round was much like the first where both fighters landed blows with neither fighter able to stall the others attack.  Reid’s experience may have frustrated Kuchlong a little.  When Kuchlong looked like he was going to have the upper hand in an exchange, he would stand in front of Reid and allow Reid to counter with a flurry of blows that would negate the work Kuchlong started.  The round went to Reid on all cards.

Round 3            A little better round for Kuchlong.  He was a little more cautious in the round.  When he attacked Reid, he would circle away and not allow Reid to retaliate as often.  Throughout the fight neither fighter had the power to stop the other.  The fight was won by sheer number of blows landed in the fight.  The edge in the round went to Reid on two cards.  The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Michael Reid



Bout# 5   Men’s Super Middleweight

Tim O’Brien, 1-0-0, 23, 6’2”, 171 lbs., Prole, IA, RoundKick Gym-Urbandale, Pete Peterson
Max Church, 0-2-0, 18, 6’2”, 163 lbs., Sioux Falls, SD, Next Edge Academy, John Arends

             Each fighter began the round with long range kicks to keep a safe distance between them.  Church threw a round kick at the same time O’Brien landed a front kick to Church’s belly, knocking Church down for a flash knockdown.  Church got up and took another front kick to the body which brought his hands down.  O’Brien followed up with a series of left/right combinations to the head and body of Church that backed Church up and bloodied his nose.  Church began to back pedal after that as O’Brien’s confidence grew.  As the round ended, O’Brien landed a series of punches and kicks to Church’s body and head.  Church was unwilling to answer the call to begin the second round causing Referee Carl Duncan to end the fight at the end of Round 1.

Winner by TKO—Tim O’Brien



Bout# 6    Men’s Light Cruiserweight

 Able Mahaffey, 4-9-1, 31, 5’11”, 179 lbs., Altoona IA, RoundKick Gym-Pleasant Hill, Pete Peterson
Eric Ortiz, 0-1-0, 26, 5’11”, 180 lbs, St. Paul, MN, The Cellar, Justin Wailey

 Round 1            Mahaffey began the round as the aggressor as he threw kicks and punches at Ortiz but Ortiz answered with what appeared to be more power shots of his own.  Both fighters threw nothing but bombs throughout the round with some blocked and some not but neither backed down.  In a close round, the edge in the round went to Ortiz on two judge’s cards.

Round 2            With nothing but power shots landing on both fighters, again, neither fighter wanted to back down.  Mahaffey was the aggressor in the round and was able to land more shots than Ortiz in the round.  Ortiz landed a looping right hook that hit the side of Mahaffey’s head and caused Mahaffey to take a short step back but it wasn’t enough because Mahaffey took a deep breath and pressed forward again to finish the round strong earning him the edge in the round on two of the judge’s cards.

Round 3            The last round began as the first two did where each fighter threw bombs at the other.  By now, most shots landed.  Mahaffey threw a hook to the head of Ortiz that appeared to may have slipped down and landed on the neck/throat of Ortiz.  He bent over unprotected forcing Referee Carl Duncan to issue an 8-count.  After the 8-count, Ortiz appeared to be coughing and trying to clear his throat.  Time was stopped and the doctor looked at him to see if he could continue.  Ortiz indicated that he could finish the fight so the fight continued.  Ortiz appeared exhausted as Mahaffey moved in to finish the fight.  Again, nothing but bombs were thrown by both fighters up until the final bell to end the fight.  The judges scored the fight, 30-26, 29-27 and 28-28.

Winner by Majority Decision—Able Mahaffey



Bout# 7   Men’s Super Heavyweight

 Chris Moore, 3-0-0, 29, 6’3”, 292 lbs., Urbandale, IA, RoundKick Gym-Urbandale, Pete Peterson
Joel Rader, 0-1-0, 35, 6’3”, 263 lbs., Augusta, KS, Team BTFU, Ron Griffey/Jake Kenny

 Round 1            Moore walked across the ring and threw a blistering right round kick to the front leg of Rader.  It caught Rader by surprise and made Rader grimace from the blow.  Moore continued to hammer Rader’s front leg with powerful kicks putting Rader down with one of them because it wouldn’t support his weight.  Rader stood up to make it a flash knockdown but spent the rest of the round trying to keep his leg from getting kicked.  As the round ended, they exchanged hooks to the head but Moore landed 18-20 kicks to Rader’s front leg earning him the round on all cards.

Round 2            Moore still threw leg kicks in the round but not as many as in the first.  Rader definitely favored his leg and appeared to be trying to stay away from anything Moore threw at him.   Moore added more punches to his attack in the round as he backed Rader into a corner and forced him to clinch in order to stall the attack.  The round went to Moore on all cards.

Round 3            Rader made an effort to appear to be the aggressor but was unable to do anything offensively.  Moore stalked Rader and patiently waited for an opening.  He caught Rader in the corner and landed a powerful hook to Rader’s head which spun Rader around and got him tangled in the ropes.  Rader finished the round trying to stay away from the blows that Moore threw.  All judges scored the round 30-27.

Winner by Unanimous Decision—Chris Moore